T-1 Amplifier


T-1 Amplifier - Black: $495.00

T-1 Amplifier - White: $495.00

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Imagine yourself relaxing in your recliner while listening to music from your iPad or iPhone and surfing the web at the same time. The Neuhaus Labs T-1 Amplifier allows you to do just that while providing the renowned sound quality neuhaus labs is known for. With wireless Bluetooth built into this innovative new vacuum tube amplifier, you can stream music from your Bluetooth enabled device to the T-1 Amplifier from a distance of up to 50 feet. Just simply attach two speakers to the amplifier and you will have concert hall listening experience coming directly from your iPad. The T-1 Amplifier is a high quality audiophile amplifier built from the same mold as the critically acclaimed T-2 Amplifier. Our system uses vacuum tube technology to amplify your music like you've never heard it before. Vacuum tube technology is what is used in concert halls and by professional guitar amplifiers to provide a full sound with great clarity and warmth. The T-1 Amplifier will transform your music as if the performers are playing right in your living room.

Please do not compare our amplifier to an iPod dock that only plays the music from one speaker. The T-1 Amplifier connects to two speakers to deliver a full stereo sound stage. You can never get true stereo concert hall sound from a single speaker dock.

With the T-1 Amplifier you can also connect a Mac or PC with the built in USB port that bypasses the sound card on your computer for pure high quality sound. The T-1 Amplifier uses the same Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) as the T-2 Amplifier. You can also connect with the optical toslink connector. This allows you to connect to an Apple Airport Express and stream your music through WiFi from your PC or MAC from one side of your house to the other side.

The T-1 Amplifier also includes two analog connections for a CD player, Tuner, etc. If you are a fan of vinyl records you can also connect a turntable, which will deliver unbelievable sound.

The T-1 Amplifier is the first high quality audiophile amplifier with built in Bluetooth. Your music will never sound the same.

Enjoy shopping with us. You have a 15 day return privilege. If the T-1 Amplifier doesn't meet or exceed your expectations simply ship it back for a full refund (including shipping)

However, we do ask that items be returned in like-new condition, complete with all packaging materials, instructions, etc.

Features & Specs

T-1 Amplifier - Black: $495.00 Add to Cart

T-1 Amplifier - White: $495.00 Add to Cart

Front of Amplifier Plus Remote

A Neuhaus Laboratories amplifier is built to last. Most big name audio components are mass-produced, primarily of plastic, and are often large in size and difficult to set up and operate. Have you noticed how many buttons and switches they have? The rear connector panel has so many inputs even Einstein would be intimidated.

Our amplifiers have an elegant retro design and are built to last with a sturdy steel and stainless steel body—not plastic. Even the knobs are in Japan and are of the highest quality. We engineer our amps to provide a long life while providing simple set up and easy operation.

The T-1 Amplifier has a beautiful black high gloss piano finish on the front steel panel and the transformer covers. The body is a stainless steel mirror finish, and the tube cover is flat black.

Back of Amplifier


  • T-1 Amplifier is a Hybrid Tube Amplifier
  • Output- 18W x 2
  • Frequency Response-10Hz-250KHZ
  • Output Impedance-4ohm-16ohm
  • Harmonic Distortion-0.03%(1KHZ)
  • Input Sensitivity-0.3V
  • Input Impedance-50Kohm
  • Signal to Noise ratio-85db
  • Accepts both 120V and 230V
  • Power Consumption 60W
  • Weight-8.8lbs 4kg
  • Dimensions-8.7 (W) inches x 10.6 (D) inches x 5.9 (H) inches
  • Tubes 2-6N2
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Japanese ALPS Motor potentiometer
  • Steel Black Piano Black Glossy Finish Front Panel
  • Mirror Stainless Steel Body
  • Removable Flat Black Steel Tube Cover
  • Volume Remote Control
  • Slow Start Power On
  • Optical/Toslink/SPDIF Input w/Cirrus Logic 24bit/96kHZ DAC
  • USB w/ C-Media 16bit/44kHZ DAC with X2 modulation for hi-frequency quality
  • Anti-pop noise solution embedded on both chips
  • 2 Rear RCA style input jacks

Headphone Amp Specifications

  • Output impedance:16-32 ohm
  • Frequency :40Hz-15KHz
  • Sensitivity :100uV
  • 1/4 inch standard input

Why Tube Amps?

T-1 Amplifier - Black: $495.00 Add to Cart

T-1 Amplifier - White: $495.00 Add to Cart

You might be thinking: why tubes? that's old technology. Well don't say that to a musician. Most guitar amps are still powered by vacuum tubes. Guitar amplifier companies have tried for years to duplicate the tube sound with solid state components, but if you ask most guitar players, they haven't succeeded. That's why when you go to a concert and they have amplifiers on the stage, you are probably listening to tube technology. If you want to hear music like it's live, you need to duplicate the same sound components that performers use in a live concert.

The T-1 Amplifier makes you feel like you're not just playing recordings; close your eyes, and you might just forget that the musicians aren't performing in front of you. This is something you just don't feel from a solid-state amp. The tubes breathe life into the music completely unlike flat lifeless sound of a CD.

Why Tube Amps?

T-1 Amplifier Amp has only volume control. With no bass, loudness and treble tone controls, gives our T-1 Amplifier a cool and retro look. There are very good technical reasons for eliminating these signal altering clutter devices, Tube amps don't need them like transistor amplifiers do, and they make the sound worse, not better. Low to moderate volume levels, a tube amplifier retains the tone balance much better than a transistor amp, making it unnecessary to constantly adjust the tone, bass and loudness controls or to play music at higher volume level than what you really want. All the signal processing circuits in a transistor amp color the sound and can hide the details of the performance. Most people aren't aware of how much music can be ruined by all the unnecessary circuits and processing. We take all that stuff out and offer a simple straight-line path for your music signal to follow.

Plus remember Stereo sound is the best way to re-create a natural sounding musical performance, simply because it does not need all the complex sound decoding stuff that more than often only serves to ruin the sound.

T-1 Amplifier can power your speakers.

With the typical transistor amplifier, people tend to play music at much higher volume levels than necessary, to compensate for the transistor sound. Turned down to moderate levels, many Big Name transistor amplifiers sound about as fulfilling as a good tabletop radio. You either turn the volume back up or mess around with the tone and loudness controls to make it sound better. But low power (compared to transistor), push pull tube amplifiers are famous for providing breathtaking detail and a full, rich sound even at low volume levels, so that many users find it unnecessary to play music at high sound levels. When matched with quality speakers, the T-1 Amplifier will fill a small to medium sized listening room with surprisingly full, extremely detailed high-fidelity sound. The T-1 Amplifier will work well with many home audio and studio monitor speakers. Watts on a transistor amp are cheap. You can buy a 100-watt receiver for a few hundred dollars at an electronics outlet. The wattage ratings of the typical big name amplifier tell you nothing about how the amplifier really sounds when it plays music. While a transistor amplifier may have higher watts, a well-designed tube amplifier will just sound better. Why do experienced guitar players insist on vacuum tube guitar amps.

Listen to your music all day with no so called fatigue as with transistor amps.

Another noted advantage of the sound of a good tube amplifier is the minimizing of "listening fatigue". Many audiophiles have attributed this to "transistor noise", the tendency of transistor amplifiers to produce higher amounts of odd order harmonic distortion, and the tendency to emphasize sharp transients. Because we have eliminated the transistor noise, you can listen to your T-1 Amplifier for many hours at a time without the slightest listening fatigue.

Manual & Videos

T-1 Amplifier - Black: $495.00 Add to Cart

T-1 Amplifier - White: $495.00 Add to Cart